'Zero Frets are used on Cheap Guitars!'
{ quoting from an article in Wikipedia titled ZERO FRET }

what an ignorant statement by Wiki,
- the evidence points the opposite way -
as we will see in this and the next page...

First, let's look at 'cheap' guitars that have a zero fret.

the 'cheap' Kent 820 guitars have a zero fret.
click on the image for larger detail.

Check this out!  Now there is a Zero Fret Kit
to retrofit ANY fretted string instrument!

'Cheap' guitars?
Wikipedia does not know what they are talking about, folks!
the fact is that G
retsch, Hofner, Magnatone, Mosrite,
are anything BUT  'c
heap'  guitars; 
those are highly desirable guitars for which guitarists
and guitar collectors pay lots of money.

Reasons for a zero-fret?
Lower action, comfortable playing, and more string resonance.

My Experience
I feel qualified to talk about the zero fret because I've played with many guitars that have zero frets, and many that don't, for almost 50 years.
I can say that the zero fret is not only a very elegant way of making a guitar, but it also makes for a better playing guitar. When the Japanese started making guitars with a zero fret, guess who they copied it from?

But wait!  There's MORE!  let's look at famous players who made their mark with 'cheap' Zero Fret Guitars...
The Zero fret
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Brian May's guitar has a zero fret !
The Guild and RS Brian May Model guitars come with a zero fret !